Our mission is to achieve business advantage for our clients, challenging established thinking and unlocking insights. We subscribe to the idea that every business is a digital business and that information technology and data quality are key enablers for transformation, growth and organizational effectiveness. We go beyond the consulting and advisory phases to active participation in program delivery that makes the difference.

While we are a relatively new organization having been formed in 2013, we are active serving clients internationally. We are a team of seasoned experienced global practitioners who individually have already completed careers in major world class global organizations.

Interest is high and I am often asked what other things we can accomplish for clients. This brochure provides a flavour of the range and diversity of projects we have accomplished for our clients, as some indication of what we can do for you.

Our key advantage of course is the depth and experience of our global practitioners – people who have been there and done it before.

I trust you will find this enlightening and please feel free to contact me directly if you feel we may be able to add value for your business.

Anthony Foster
Director and CEO