Good governance is essential to achieve business value through technology enablement.  It ensures a strong business focus creating strong business alignment.

It involves co-leadership with Business Executives focusing on business change, requirements and data quality while the Technology Executives focus on solution design, services and delivery.

Full transparency is required for performance that meets world class standards.  This is achieved through our Assessment Methodology and formal benchmarking.   There is a strong focus on optimising costs, ensuring lowest operating costs while maintaining adequate investment for the future.  The focus is not solely on costs and includes resourcing, skills, culture and leadership, methodologies, standardisation, functionality and compliance to business controls, security and continuity.

Our practice specialises in procurement and contracting building on our vast experience with outsourcing.  We bring best practices in supplier relationship management, strategic sourcing and partnering.

In this fast moving world, architecture and technology management are vital for success.  Our CTO experts bring vast experience and application of latest tools.

Selecting and deploying the right technology platforms is vital for long term success.  While there are several industry dominant platforms in use it is hard nowadays for any organization to avoid a “best of breed” portfolio approach where integration skills and tools are vital.

Stewardship represents a critical element to remaining on plan for delivery of commitments.  Stewardship goes beyond reporting of progress to critically identifying shortfalls and gaps that require immediate interventions and mitigations.

We are often called upon by our clients to provide Interim Management for key leadership positions up to and including CIO level.