»   World class expertise, operating internationally to support both national
     and global enterprises in Europe, North America and Asia

»   Pragmatic focus for near term bottom line improvements

»   Translating Information Technology into business terms, cutting through
     the hype and the jargon to get to the core issues and opportunities

»   Developing close working relationships with executive teams

»   Assembling high powered subject matter expert teams as required

»   Engineering behavioural consensus to prepare the organisation for change

»   Aligning system elements with organisational behaviours and culture


»   Aligning IT to business strategy and team objectives

»   Delivering change, systems and infrastructure for competitive advantage,
     addressing process, technology, people and business dimensions

»   Assessing existing IT & data quality performance

»   Information Security

»   Sourcing, contracting and managing suppliers

»   Data quality management with focus on key performance indicators

»   Instilling the behavioural change necessary for sustained improvement